Is a Personal Trainer worth paying for??

Oh personal trainers, we all would love to have one, but it costs money, time and frankly – they tell you what to do, challenge you and constantly demand more of you. Is it really worth it?

I’ve never had a one-on-one personal trainer session. I’ve never paid another person for 1 hour of their time to yell at me, tell me what to do and challenge me. I have however had experience working out with a personal trainer.

How, you ask? Well, at my kick ass place of employment – we have a Wellness Coordinator who conducts 3-4 personal training classes a week. These range in focus points such as core, legs, butt, arms, and full body circuit. The classes usually fill up – and sometimes we have over 7-8 students and one personal trainer.

Group Personal Training classes at my work
Group Personal Training classes at my work

I am very lucky to have this type of perk. 🙂

My friend Kevin, isn’t as lucky.  He has a small gym at work, but not a personal trainer to teach him new workouts, explain how to target specific muscle groups and above all motivate him. So Kevin allocates a good chunk of his hard earned cash each month for a Personal Trainer at his local gym.

You might think.. “I’d never pay for a personal trainer, I can do it all myself!” or “I’ll pay for a trainer for a few months, but after I learn all of the workouts – I’ll quit and do it myself” — I was one of these people, I paid to do a boot camp 5 days a week for 4 weeks – I learned all the workouts, moves, and how to wake up for class at 5:00am. (ouch!) After my month was over, I went to the gym on my own – and did a few of the moves that I remembered – but not all of them. I wasn’t motivated, and frankly I was just putsing around the gym aimlessly.
Not good.

personal trainer one on one coaching
One on one coaching from a Personal Trainer helps motivate

Most of us can motivate ourselves to a certain point but then hit a mountain – and that mountain is hard to climb. That’s where personal trainers fit in to our physical health. That is their  job –  to motivate us by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability – where we lack it. (from Wikipedia, sort of) They aren’t cheap, but that’s because they work. They aren’t always nice, and most will not become your best friend – but that’s their role. They are a teacher of health & wellness, they measure our health success and achievements and most importantly they shut up that stupid voice in our head that tells us we can’t do it.

But… (and you knew there would be a but) they are expensive. Yea, that’s true. But I would argue that the only possession that is actually ours in life is OUR BODY and the only thing we can really control is OUR HEALTH. Do you agree?

Sooooo spending $60 a month on a personal trainer who:
– kicks you into shape
– helps you learn to live by a healthy lifestyle
– teaches you to take care of that one and only body of yours
– can help you add years onto your life
– can help you get  back to doing activities with your kids

Isn’t just a good investment, its a smart, great investment and it’s totally worth it. 

I encourage everyone to try a personal training session at least once in their life. Most gyms offer a free initial consultation with all memberships. Give up 1 hour of your time to hear what a certified personal trainer has to say about your health and wellness. It could save your life.

Let me know what you think about personal trainers. Have you tried one? Do you love yours? (if so, give them a shout out) Do you hate yours? (ha) Do you recommend them to others? Are you one?

Until next time – Be healthy!

❤ Mk